West Coast Road Trip Day 4

Hood down, shades on, cruising the Oregon Coast…with a box of Voodoo Doughnuts!

Day 4 – Portland to Florence

The first stop of today was to Voodoo Doughnut Too which was featured on Man V Food. It’s slightly outside of downtown but this location has parking whereas the original store does not. We were grateful we made the choice to visit this location as later in the morning we passed the original store and the queue was down the block.


They have lots of doughnuts, all kinds of flavours and some have very naughty names! We bought 6 doughnuts and ate them over the next few days and each one tasted great, if I really had to choose I think the Maple Bacon Bar was my favourite.

I had a very unconventional breakfast at Portland’s Saturday Market of a cheese and bacon pretzel with beer cheese dip

In search of breakfast off we went to Portland’s Saturday Market which although a great market and definitely worth a look around is not a good location for breakfast. I had a very unconventional breakfast of a cheese and bacon pretzel with beer cheese dip and Richard had a veggie burrito. Both were great but maybe better as a lunch option?

Richard says;

A burrito for breakfast! Not sure what the issue is here!”

I didn’t want to leave Portland but the disappointment of having to leave soon past when we started seeing the Pacific again, we were headed for the Oregon Coast. First stop was Lincoln City where we stopped for lunch at Mo’s restaurant overlooking the beach. It’s quite a touristy place but you couldn’t get a better setting, the views over the beach are beautiful especially when the sun’s shining. It wasn’t until heading out of Lincoln City that we realised Mo’s is actually a chain of restaurants, but it does seem to be a popular one.

A lady in the car park as we were leaving told us to “Drive it like you stole it” we didn’t of course but you can’t deny it’s a nice car.

This was also our first experience of refueling the car, did you know you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon? Someone from the gas station will come out and do it for you. It cost just $30 to fill the tank, and a full tank covered around 350 miles, what a bargain!

Leaving Lincoln City the weather was perfect and so the only way to head off down the coast in a convertible was with the hood down. A lady in the car park as we were leaving told us to “Drive it like you stole it” we didn’t of course but you can’t deny it’s a nice car.

Driving south on highway hwy 101 in Oregon State, USA

Sea stacks on the Oregon Coast, route 101The views travelling down the 101 through Oregon are incredible we even saw whales breaching at one point on our journey.

The Sea Lion Caves are a popular stop on this route however apparently September isn’t a good time to catch them in the cave, they’re out feeding, and there were none there when we pulled over although they do have a nice gift shop there.

We stayed the night at the River House Inn in Florence. Don’t be put off that Florence isn’t on the coast, it is on highway 101 and also on the banks of a river so it’s still on the water.

The River House Inn is a motel and our room was on the ground floor, the door opening onto the car park. This isn’t the type of hotel we commonly see in Europe and we had never stayed in one before but it was very nice and the first hotel where breakfast was included in the rate.

It was fairly late when we arrived in Florence. After a quick dinner we made the decision to explore the town in the morning. More on that in our next post, day 5.

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