View looking up at the Space Needle, Seattle

3 Days in Seattle


Sleepless in Seattle? No wonder… Crab boats, flying fish, coffee & burlesque

We landed at SeaTac on an Alaska Airlines flight from LAX and what a flight it was. From the plane window we were treated to sights on route including; Half Dome, Mount St Helens and a brief glimpse of Mt Rainier. We continued up the Puget Sound, past SeaTac before looping back, getting our first views of Seattle.

We were staying for two nights at The Edgewater Hotel and we had their town car pick us up from the airport. We had to wait a long time for the car to arrive, 3 phonecalls later it arrived but by that point it would have been quicker with Uber. It is around half an hour from the airport to downtown Seattle by car but they also have the Link light rail system which directly connects the airport to downtown as another option.

Richard says:

“Uber quickly became our transport of choice in America, cheaper than taxis and so convenient. We have only been let down by Uber once in America while visiting Bakersfield on our West Coast Road Trip

The Edgewater Hotel is beautiful, it’s decorated in the style of a lodge which is perfect for the very green Washington State. We checked in and made our way to our water view room and the view was excellent. We had great weather during our time in Seattle which only made it better. There was a blue heron which came to sit under the pier opposite our room every morning.

Our first taste of Seattle was dinner at The Pink Door, this is definitely a do not miss. Behind the inconspicuous pink door on Post Alley you will find this independent restaurant offering delicious Italian food, burlesque shows and trapeze performances. The trapeze performance was on the night we were there and we had booked a table in advance, we were not disappointed. The performer was amazing and we got to see her perform three times during the course of our meal. The food was delicious, entertainment amazing and there is a buzzing atmosphere from the moment you step in the door, we could not fault one thing about The Pink Door.

The Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Centre is worth a visit early in your trip. It is in the main downtown area of the city and it was one of our first stops. On the 73rd floor you can see all of Seattle, including the Space Needle, on a clear day apparently you can see Mount Rainier but it stayed behind clouds for the duration of our visit. Seattle’s iconic sky line includes the Space Needle which also has an observatory at the top. As it was our first visit though we wanted a view that included the Space Needle and the Sky View Observatory definitely delivered.

My favourite area of downtown Seattle was by far the area around and including Pike Place Market. This is a great market with lots of fresh produce and surrounding the market are many independent cafes, restaurants and shops. One chain cafe opposite Pike Place does stand out, the oldest Starbucks is here. Good luck getting in as there always seems to be a queue down the block, we settled for a photograph outside and got drinks at Local Color nearby instead. Richard loves his coffee and he thought this place was pretty good!

Fresh Crab at Pike Place Market, Seattle

There are lots of sights in Pike Place, don’t miss the fishmongers throwing fish across their stalls. We had a great breakfast one morning at Lowell’s. Food was good and coffee was unlimited, with a view over the water we would definitely recommend stopping by. We had the Market Breakfast, Richard had asked for scrambled eggs with his and they came more as an omelette style, I went for sunny side up.

Richard says:

“It turns out that’s what scrambled egg is in America nothing like the runny constituency you get in the uk”

My favourite breakfast place was also in this area in the building across the road from Pike Place – The Crumpet Shop. I would love a shop like this, the decoration was Alice in Wonderland-esque obviously the menu is pretty much all Crumpets and unlimited tea is on offer! Not so surprisingly it seems to be a draw for Brits. While we were there there were five customers including us and we were all from the UK.

Richard says:

“Word of warning if you like Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese is a very different thing, don’t mix the two up, I did, a very different experience! If you like cream cheese which is pink and tastes of fish, go for it”

The tea is out of the bag at the Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market, Seattle
Nutella Crumpet and Salmon Cream Cheese Crumpet at the Crumpet Shop in Pike Place Market, Seattle

The Pioneer Square is also high on many must see lists however we didn’t stay long around this area, it was really quiet and it wasn’t drawing us. There was some cool graffiti though, it is a bit of a walk from Pike Place and if we had more time we might have explored further but during the week on the surface it didn’t stand out.

If you’re Deadliest Catch fans like we are a trip to Fisherman’s Terminal is worth it. We got the D-line Rapid Transit towards Ballard. The dock is a short walk from the bus stop, it can’t be missed, it’s a large busy dock. We didn’t expect to see any of the Deadliest Catch fleet as the season had already started however, after looking at all of the boats we noticed a large boat with similar writing to the Brenna A. As we were walking over there was another larger boat beside that one which was in fact the Brenna A! The newest boat to the programme but it was still great to see it in person.

Brenna A from Deadliest Catch moored at Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle

The Space Needle is a bit of a walk from the waterfront however you can get closer using Rapid Transit if you didn’t want to walk. We got our upclose view of the Space Needle as we made our way back from Fisherman’s Terminal. Although we didn’t go up it’s still quite a sight, going up is something we would consider on a future trip to the city. On a short visit though it isn’t worth the time to do both the Space Needle and the Sky View Observatory in our opinion.

View looking up at the Space Needle, Seattle

We took an Uber back to SeaTac at the end of our stay which worked out cheaper than the town car. We were picking up a car for our road trip, we reserved a Mustang Convertible through Alamo. A great system offered by Alamo is a pre-checkin service where you can enter all your information to save time on collection. We used this service and when we turned up at the airport we could go straight through to the car lot to collect our car. This made the car collection a very easy and efficient process.

Are there any stand out sights in Seattle we may have missed? What about any must go independent places to eat like the pink door? Please leave comments below.

We will be back.

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