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Welcome to our site! We’re Richard and Sarah a married British couple with a love of touring the world. We want to give you the tools to tour, get out there and explore the world.

Kayaking around the San Juan Islands, Washington State
Kayaking around the San Juan Islands, Washington State

If you are anything like us you want more from your hard earned holidays than two weeks looking at the same scenery from your deck chair.

For many years we have spent our working days sat behind a desk. This further fuelled our passion to travel and see the world, to tour different countries as often as possible.

What’s in it for You

Our aim in creating this site is to give you to tools to tour, to get out there and see the world. We understand it can be difficult to know where to start when booking and planning your own holiday, especially when there’s more than a flight and resort involved. We will guide you through the process and give you the confidence to book that dream tour, and the following ones after that when you’re dreaming of even bigger tours.

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it – Henry Ford

About Roads and Runways

We started Roads and Runways at the end of 2017 to inspire others to tour the world like we do. Some of our favourite tours to date have been our road trips in the USA. We have also enjoyed road trips around Europe and we occasionally ditch the car and opt for other forms of transport. One memorable tour without a car was a cycle tour from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary taking in parts of Slovakia on route.

We provide the tools to give you the confidence to book your dream tour yourself. On our site you will find travel tips, itinerary inspiration and recommended travel gear. All the guidance and inspiration you will need to plan and book that tour.

About Richard

I’ve never been one to work hard all year just to go and sit on a beach for 2 weeks. At 13 my parents took me out of school for a month to travel Japan. From the buzz and neon lights of Tokyo to the traditional Ryokans of Kyoto. The difference in people and cultures had a profound effect on me, I’m so grateful to my parents for making that decision and I plan on spending my life creating these kind adventures for myself.

I love food and trying new types of food in the places I visit. It’s a big focus of travelling for me. We’ll seek out local delicacies or something a little different on our travels. Occasionally I try to recreate tastes I’ve discovered and I’ll post these on the blog so you can try them too.

I’m also a massive tech geek. Sarah does all the planning, but I’m in charge of tech! It’s key for us to be able to take great photos and write for the blog while we are on the go. Also it’s nice to have some entertainment on hand even when disconnected. I’ll cover what technology we take with us and offer advice on what equipment to take on various types of trips.

About Sarah

Appalachian Trail sign at Clingmans Dome

I got the travel bug at a young age from travelling with my parents. By the time I left school I had visited most of Europe – or as much as could be reached by cruise ship! I have been on 12 European cruises taking in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Madeira and the Canary Islands. London is also a special place for me having visited at least once a year my entire life and I’m still not bored of it.

My biggest solo adventure was a month spent in Victoria, Australia while at university, which is just one country I want to see more of. However my favourite country to visit now is definitely the USA, it’s where we got engaged and where we went on our honeymoon. We’ve visited 14 States so far, spending longer in some more than others, and there’s still loads more I want to explore.