5 Best Places to Eat in Seattle

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Our favourite city in the USA is Seattle. We love this city in Washington State and it has some fantastic places to eat! On this post we’re giving you our recommendations for the 5 best places to eat in Seattle. Our recommendations are spread out over the city so no matter which area of Seattle you find yourself in you won’t be far away from a great food stop. So here are our best places to eat in Seattle.

The Pink Door

Our number 1 place to eat in Seattle is our favourite place for dinner and a do not miss whenever we’re in the city – The Pink Door. There’s no sign though so you need you know where you’re going. The Pink Door is located down Post Alley near Pike Place Market, you’re looking for the entrance seen in the picture below.

The Pink Door is an Italian restaurant – my favourite cuisine! It does Italian food really well and the portion sizes are like what you would typically seen in Italy rather than an Italian-American restaurant. We have never had a bad meal here, we’ve had a few of the pasta dishes and also the desserts are worth saving space for.

There is something else about the Pink Door though, the have entertainment on during dinner service. We make sure we book a table for either Sunday or Monday nights to eat here. It’s on these nights they have a burlesque style aerial performance. Needless to say this is very much more of a couples place rather than a family restaurant. So make it date night and get a table booked at the Pink Door next time you’re in Seattle.

Lowell’s Restaurant

From best dinner in the city to best cooked breakfast. I’d go as far to say that actually the best cooked breakfast we’ve had in the USA has been right here at Lowell’s Restaurant in Seattle. So number 2 on our recommendations for best places to eat in Seattle is Lowell’s in Pike Place Market.

Not only will you get a fantastic breakfast at Lowell’s there’s also a pretty great view out onto the Puget Sound if you get a table by the window. Make your order at the counter and find a seat on the first floor if you can. If it’s full you just need to make your way upstairs. Upstairs there is a bar and more seating. You can get table service upstairs if you prefer. Again if you can get a table by the window you get the same great view you would get downstairs.

The orange slice didn’t really add to the breakfast but trust me they do as good a fry-up as you would get in England. I can’t think of anywhere else in the USA I’d give that recommendation for either. So if you’re missing your Full English then Lowell’s will see you right. No need to book a table but be prepared for a short wait as it does get busy!

The Crumpet Shop

If you just want a small breakfast then not far from the entrance to Pike Place Market you can find The Crumpet Shop. I love the decor in here, it’s right up my street, very quirky and fun. It’s not all just about the decor though you will get some good crumpets here too with a topping surely to your taste – there are a lot of options.

With a choice of crumpets topped with eggs, sweet toppings, savoury toppings and the option to even make your own topping combinations. There will be something for you. The tea and coffee in here is also excellent. They are closed on Tuesdays though so make sure you plan your visit around that to avoid disappointment.

It is not a huge place and seating is just a few tables. However they do serve quick so you won’t be waiting long for a seat. It is the prefect place for a quick light breakfast when you’re in a hurry. Get your drink in a take away cup so you can take it with you when you leave if you are short on time.

McMenamins Six Arms

We love McMenamins so no surprise one of there properties has made our best places to eat in Seattle list. You will find the McMenamins Six Arms right across the street from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. As with all McMenamins properties the Six Arms has a quirky style that can only be McMenamins and we love it. As well as great beer though (and wine!) they also do great food.

Whether you’re looking for lunch or just a snack there will be something for you on the Six Arms menu. If you are local to Washington or Oregon, or are spending quite a bit of time in the region, get a McMenamins Passport. The McMenamins Passport allows you to get prizes. These prizes include some free food options – you just need to collect stamps at McMenamins properties you visit.

Although McMenamins are well known for their beers (rightly so as they have more than a few excellent brews) they also produce their own wine which is pretty good too! So if you’re not a beer fan don’t be put off as they have plenty of other drinks choices you’re sure to find something. Even get a coffee if you like – they have their own coffee blend too!

Cupcake Royale

It wouldn’t be right from me to write a best places to eat list anywhere if it didn’t include cake. So here it is, number 5 of our best places to eat in Seattle is Cupcake Royale.

Cupcake Royale claim to have the best cupcakes and ice cream in Seattle and I’d back them up on this. They have a wide selection of both cupcakes and ice cream to choose from and you can even get a cupcake sundae!

There are 5 locations of Cupcake Royale in Seattle so there is bound to be one near you. We like the Ballard location as you can get your sugar fix here to give you enough energy to explore nearby Discovery Park – checking out Ballard Locks on route.

There are tons of cupcake and ice cream flavours at Cupcake Royale. However even if you have tried most they do seasonal flavours too so there’s surely something different to keep you interested. If you do go for the cupcake sundae make sure you haven’t eaten recently. If you have bring a friend to share it with as they’re bigger than they look!

Struggling to decide what to have? I’d recommend the salted caramel cupcake with its matching ice cream as a sundae. It comes with whipped cream and sauce too!

Other Honourable Mentions

It’s hard to narrow down the best places to eat in Seattle to just 5 places. So here’s a few honourable mentions that almost made our list.

Le Panier

Opposite the main Pike Place Market is a row of shops, where the oldest Starbucks is located. While I mention that actually note that it is not the original Starbucks it’s just the oldest location which is still open. It’s still pretty old though.

Anyway near the oldest Starbucks is a fantastic bakery called Le Panier which also has cafe tables so you can eat inside. We have shopped here a few times and can say that the bread, pastries and macarons are fabulous. It may be slightly pricey due to the location but the quality is high. If you’re looking for a coffee and cake stop near Pike Place Market then Le Panier is for you.

Bay Cafe

If you find yourself searching for Deadliest Catch boats at Fisherman’s Terminal around lunch time then head to the Bay Cafe. It has a traditional laid back diner atmosphere and a menu to match.

It’s a no frills kind of place which is exactly what you want at Fisherman’s Terminal. The food we’ve had here has been great and the prices aren’t bad for Seattle either. Its mostly booth style seating with huge windows giving a great view of the fishing boats docked at Fisherman’s Terminal. If you’re visiting with a Deadliest Catch fan this is a must stop as well as The Market Arms in nearby Ballard.

McMenamins Queen Anne

Another McMenamins property – we love them that much. McMenamins Queen Anne is located where you’d expect – in the Queen Anne neighbourhood. Each of the McMenamins properties have slight variations on their menus to the other properties so you will find something different at each one.

However you will still find the same great beers and wines with great quality food and snacks for all tastes. The Queen Anne is set out in a more traditional pub style but with the expected McMenamins touches in the artwork.

It’s more unassuming on the outside so when you’re looking for McMenamins Queen Anne look out for the sign with the cute cat!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 best places to eat in Seattle! Let us know your favourite places to eat in Seattle by commenting below. If you want more tips and travel inspiration from us don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to stay updated.

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