A Day in Capri from Naples. A DIY Guide

Planning a trip to Naples? Consider doing a day trip to Capri. Read on to find out how to get there, get around and what you can see all without the need for a tour guide!


Planning a trip to Naples? If you’re there more than a couple of days and are considering options for day trips consider Capri. We’ve created this guide which takes in the best of Capri. It shows you how to get there, how to get around and what to see, and do it all on your own without the need for a guide. Read on for our Day in Capri from Naples DIY Guide.

Getting to and from Capri

Capri is an island, you’re going to need to get a ferry – but which ferry and how to you book?

There are basically two types of ferries which will take between Naples and Capri. The slower traditional ferries or the hydrofoils which are high speed. The ferry takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 minutes depending which you take but paying a bit extra for the hydrofoil will see you arrive in Capri in 50 minutes.

You can check ferry times for your day in Capri from Naples here – Capri Ferry Schedule

You need to book your travel in advance, really at least a week before or even further in advance than that in peak times during the summer. This is a popular destination and don’t forget Naples is a cruise port and you could be competing with cruise passengers for ferry tickets.


Don’t want to share Capri with cruise passengers? Check which days ships are going to be in port during your stay and avoid these times. You can check which cruise ships are expected in port here – Naples Cruise Port Schedule

Book the earliest timed ferry that you can and the latest back. You won’t be short of things to do or see during your day in Capri from Naples and there are plenty of options for places to eat.

Marina Grande

Your ferry will dock at Marina Grande on the north side of the island. It will be very busy at most times during the day with passengers coming and going. You will want to spend some time here though. If you have managed to get over on an early ferry and weren’t taken with breakfast options on board you will find a lot of cafes and restaurants in the area so this will be your first stop.

Marina Grande is one of the transport hubs on the island. As well as the ferry port anyone wanting to visit the Blue Grotto (good luck! It is very dependant on sea conditions and seems to be closed often) or the Green Grotto, or just do a boat tour around the island, will leave from here. There are many boats ready to take you on these tours and you can just walk up and pay on the day, so you can decide when you arrive if this is something you want to do or not.

When you have taken in Marina Grande you need to make your way up to Capri Town. There are two ways of doing this by bus or our preference by funicular. Tickets for both transport options are purchased in Marina Grande at the kiosk just past the round the island tour boats. A funicular ticket will cost around €2 and it’s a quick journey, although expect to queue to get on.

Capri Town

Capri town is the busiest place on the island, even more so than Marina Grande – but it is bigger being one of the two main towns on Capri. This is where you will find all the stereotypes of Capri, the glitz and glam and many designer shops! It’s worth having a walk around and window shop for a while.

Ready for another break? The place to be seen is the Piazzetta which is the main town square. Here you will find lots of restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and just off the Piazzetta is the small church of Chiesa di Santo Stefano.

Two must tries at one of the cafes are;

  1. Limoncello, you can have it in a cocktail such as a limoncello spritz where it’s mixed with prosecco – could there be a better cocktail to have on Capri? 
  2. Torta Caprese Bianca, caprese cake is named after Capri and is usually chocolate but while you’re here you will also see a lemon version. You can’t go wrong with either though really. You can also request it to come with ice-cream. 

After you have had your fill of Capri town you should make your way to the bus station in the centre of town. From here buy a bus ticket to Anacapri for €1.80. They pack the buses and there is a good chance you will be standing for the journey but don’t worry it’s only 10 minutes or so. You won’t have long to wait for the bus either as they run every 15 minutes.


Anacapri is the second town on the island which is also the highest town on the island, which gives amazing views. For those that like it there is more shopping to be had in Anacapri but fortunately there is a bit more variety for peoples budgets here. The handmade crafts are great, you can also purchase limoncello here at a good price to take home.

For the best views you should head over to Villa San Michele, Axel Munthe’s former home. The €8 entry may seem a bit steep but you won’t get views anywhere else on the island quite like what you get here. Also the villa itself is worth a look, you will walk through it anyway to get our to the gardens, the gardens are really want makes this place.

And those views? They can be found when walking to the end of the garden…


There is another thing that Capri is famous for – beach clubs. There are many to choose from but we’re just going to cover one, Lido del Faro.

Beach Clubs – Lido del Faro

The Lido del Faro is a short taxi ride from Anacapri. Taxi’s are easy enough to pick up, there is a taxi rank in the centre of Anacapri. These taxi’s are not your regular taxis they are open top with a canopy structure to keep the sun off. They are not cheap however, for this 15 minute journey expect it to cost around €20.

The sea surrounding Capri has got to be the clearest and most blue in Europe, and it’s warm – once you’re in! At Lido del Faro you have the option of swimming in the sea or using their pool. There is actually no beach as such here, it’s mostly rocks and concrete but we didn’t mind that one bit. It takes away trying to clean sand from everything when you leave.

The beach clubs on the island are private and to use their facilities you must pay to enter. Lido del Faro will cost €30 per person which includes your lounger, towels and use of all the facilities such as the pool, changing room, lockers etc. There is also a restaurant and bar which you can use or take advantage of the servers who will serve drinks and snacks to your lounger.

When you’re ready to leave the staff here will be happy to call you a taxi. Then you have options of where you would like to go next, you could head back up to Anacapri or towards Capri Town.

Return to Capri Town

From here we headed back to Capri Town. If you follow this itinerary it will be getting late in the day now and Capri Town is the closest of the two towns to Marina Grande if you don’t choose to go there directly. The taxi cost from Lido del Faro to Anacapri or Capri Town is roughly the same price.

Sunset from Capri Town is a great sight and the perfect end to your day in Capri from Naples. Generally Capri Town will be quieter at this time, any cruiser day trippers will have left by now.


From Capri Town you can take the funicular back down to Marina Grande to catch your ferry back. Give yourself plenty of time for the journey. If you have an evening ferry and have time for dinner there are a number of restaurants along the water front in Marina Grande which would put you in easy strolling distance to the dock. A perfect end to a Day in Capri from Naples.


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