Christmas List for the Travel Obsessed

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So the festive season is in full swing, anyone still got shopping to do? I know we do. If you have someone to buy for who loves to travel we’ve put together some ideas. Alternatively if you’re the traveler and have people asking you what you want here are some ideas if you can’t think of any!

You won’t find any affiliate links in this post, all the products listed are things we use or have used bought with our own money.

Packing Cubes

Set of packing cubes from £16.99

We first tried these out on our West Coast Road Trip and they were amazing! Such a good idea. We were travelling from north to south down the Pacific Coast and there were large temperature changes which called for a variety of wardrobe options. These make organizing your case a breeze, there are a 3 different sized cubes, the large one is perfect for bulky clothes, jumpers etc. or jeans. The smallest one is perfect for small tops, swimwear etc. then you’ve got the middle one which will fit your warm weather clothes. The laundry bags are great too, you can fit all your clothes from the cubes in here when they’re dirty, they zip up and can be neatly stacked in your case away from your clean clothes until you get home.

Document Holders

Document Holder for Her and Document Holder for Him

Full disclosure, we don’t use these anymore, but they are handy. The only reason we don’t use ours is because we outgrew it with the style of holidays we take – we have too many confirmations and tickets to fit into it! However, if you’re doing a short trip or a typical hotel stay where you’ve got just a few tickets they are really great.

There is room for your passport, airline tickets, hotel confirmations, some currency and some like this one have somewhere to keep a pen handy. Having everything all in one place makes check-ins a lot simpler.

There are loads of different versions of these and you can really spend as much as you like. This men’s leather version is £45 but you can pick up something just as useful for less than half that price.

Display Maps

Scratch off World Map £17.95

Everyone who travels loves maps. This one is a fun idea to track where you have been, you can scratch off a new country after each trip.

Cork Pinboard World Map £29.95

Another take on the same idea is this pinboard map. It is a bit more fiddly as each landmass comes separately in the box, they all have sticky backs which allow them to be stuck to a wall but you do have to arrange them yourself. Once you have it up though you can stick pins in your map wherever you like, you could also attach that spare dollar you have from the US or that train ticket from Europe.


This may seem a bit boring to some but there are lots of books out there that are a great read and will have something in them you can learn – even if it’s just where your next trip is going to be.

There are any number of book shops on the high street and there is always Amazon which is perfect for last minute deliveries. This is also a good option for all budgets or if you just need something small – anyone doing Secret Santa at work this year?

Pay as you Go Sim Card

Do you know someone who is going on holiday outside of Europe? It might be worth getting them a Three sim card for their phone. I say outside of Europe as they won’t see the benefit otherwise. Three has their Feel at Home service where you can pretty much use your phone as you would at home! With Europe no longer charging roaming fees there is no need for such a service for those trips but if visiting the USA, Australia, Brazil or even Singapore if could certainly be worthwhile getting a Three sim.



MoKo 5000mAh Portable Charger £10.99 or EC Technology 22400mAh Power Bank £22.99

Know someone who is really into their tech? We use power banks a lot on our travels to make sure we can always use our gadgets. They are small devices which you can charge your phone or other USB compatible devices with on the go (iPads, headphones etc). They have increased in popularity in recent years and now I don’t leave home without one.

We have two different types that we use regularly and would recommend both. You want to pay attention to the mAh (milliamp hours) – this is the measure of power output. So the higher the mAh the more it can charge without needing a charge itself.

The 5000mAh device is great for everyday use, it will charge an iPhone fully 2-3 times without needing a charge and is about the size of a phone so is great for day trips.

The 22400mAh hours device is one we have used on our West Coast Road Trip and is great for when you might have extended times away from any power outputs, such as on camping trips. This particular one can charge a phone fully up to 10 times, but is much bulkier and heavier than the other.

So that’s our 2017 list. What have you asked Santa for this Christmas?

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