Corfu Food Scene – A Foodie Paradise

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We spent over a week on Corfu in the shoulder season, after the crowds of summer had left. The weather was still hot in early October but nowhere was particularly busy. What was unexpected was the amount of foodie attractions we experienced on Corfu. The Corfu food scene is not just influenced by Greek cuisine but also Italian and even a hint of British, it’s a real melting pot of flavours and styles.

Cafe in Corfu Town

If you love food and trying new flavours Corfu should be top of the list for your next European holiday. With excellent connections to Corfu from the rest of Europe and beyond you’re sure to find a well priced flight. We would advise that you also plan to rent a car for at least a couple of days during your stay to get out to the more remote parts of the island.

Corfu Town – Corfu Food Tour

We were lucky enough to be hosted by Corfu Walking Tours and experienced their Corfu Food Tour around Corfu Town. If you can only do one tour while you’re visiting Corfu (or even Greece) then this is the one. Corfu Walking Tours is a local, family-owned business. Our guide Nausica was born and raised right here on Corfu and she knows the island like the back of her hand. When walking through Corfu town you can tell she knows the best places to eat. She can also help give you pointers on other locations you might be interested in while you’re staying on the island.

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Beautiful Corfu Town

Vassilakis Christos Kumquat

The kumquat is a big deal in Corfu and it’s used in a variety of food and drink products. If you only eat one new thing while in Corfu make it something that contains kumquat. I was on the fence about trying them believing them to be tart and sour but it wasn’t the case at all, the sweets made using kumquat were just that – sweet.

Kumquat shop in Corfu

To try before you buy head over to Vassilakis Christos Kumquat, just 20 minutes drive from Corfu Town. Inside you will find a wide variety of locally made drinks and food products. The kumquat liquor here is really nice but our favourite thing at Vassilakis is the chocolate covered kumquats – they are amazing.

Vassilakis Distilleries

Across the street from Vassilakis Christos Kumquat is Vassilakis Distilleries where you can try a selection of wines and spirits produced on the island. Founded in 1960 by Theodore Vassilakis, Vassilakis Distilleries has been creating their own products ever since.

Winery in Corfu
Inside Corfu winery

Try some of their traditional Greek Ouzo, or something a bit different – Very Sexy, a liquor made with nettle and jasmine! There’s something for every taste here, a perfect souvenir to take home – if it lasts that long.

Mavroudis Olive Oil and Museum

Another important product on the Corfu food scene is of course olive oil. In the south of the island, about 40 minutes drive from Corfu Town is Mavroudis Olive Oil and Museum. Although not as big a business as other areas in Greece olives are still grown to produce olive oil on Corfu. In Corfu the olives are allowed to grow on the olive trees until they fall from the branches. Huge nets are placed under olive trees to collect the olives during the harvest.

Olive Oil shopping in Corfu

Mavroudis produces their own olive oil including a few different flavoured gourmet olive oils and extra virgin olive oil. Several of their oils have won prizes in the Athena International Olive Oil Competition.

Award winning olive oil in Corfu

You can try the different types of olive oil and the different flavoured gourmet olive oils during a tour of the factory and adjoining museum.

The Mavroudis Museum is small but informative. It’s full of the families collection of antique olive oil farming and production equipment. The owner of Mavroudis is very enthusiastic about their operation and is very knowledgeable about the production process. It is fairly easy to follow along with the explanation of how olive oil was produced and how it’s produced now. It helped that you could see for yourself the equipment used – including what they currently use to produce their award winning oils.

Siriotis Honey in Old Perithia

Not all of the Corfu food scene is easy to get to, you have to work for it. The next foodie stop I’m going to tell you about is a bit harder to find and you need a confident driver to get you there.

Old Perithia is up in the hills in the north of Corfu. The roads to get here aren’t great and are more like tracks in parts. When you arrive in Old Perithia you will park at the edge of town where there is a fairly large but uneven car park – so not all spaces are useable.

Old Perithia is a foodie town in its own right. Rick Stein visited this deserted hill town and you can see his picture displayed proudly in one of the local taverns. So plan to have lunch here while you’re visiting. Don’t come at night as the road isn’t suitable for night time driving. Perhaps locals who know the road well would manage but if you’re not it will be a terrifying experience.

Old Perithia Tavern Corfu

You will not find Siriotis honey products anywhere else in Corfu. They only sell them here in Old Perithia directly to their customers who seek out the farm.

As well as selling the honey at Siriotis you can also purchase handmade honey products such as skin care, natural cosmetics and soap. It’s really good for those with sensitive skin. The owner will be happy to show you the range of products made at Siriotis honey farm. They know their business well as it’s been in the same family for near 100 years! You are guaranteed to get excellent honey here, it’s worth the trek!

Shopping for honey in Old Perithia

There is no website for Siriotis honey farm. It’s also not pinned on Google Maps so to find your way here follow directions to Old Perithia. Once you park at the edge of the village you will soon spot a direction sign for Siriotis. The route is well marked from the car park. It will take about 20 minutes or so to walk, keep following the arrows until you arrive at Siriotis.

Nostos Food Hall

There are many coffee shops dotted around Corfu, including the usual chains – Starbucks has a place right in the middle of Corfu Town. The best place we found for a coffee and cake stop though was Nostos Food Hall, it is so good!

Entrance of Nostos Food Hall

There is a range of architectural and interior design styles in Corfu. Many restaurants and shops lean towards an Italian look rather than the Greek which you might expect (Corfu is in Greece after all!). Nostos stands out as it’s very modern in style – in a good way!

Nostos was a highlight for me when exploring the Corfu food scene. I have a massive sweet tooth and they have some amazing cakes and ice cream.

If you are not a coffee and cake fan they do so much more here. Try breakfast or lunch, if you have an apartment or villa then take some food to go. All the products here are high quality, whatever you choose it will be good.

Nostos Food Hall is located not too far from Corfu Airport. So it’s not a bad stop if you’re on your way to or from the airport. There is plenty of parking outside, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a space.

Have you visited Corfu? Where are your favourite foodie stops? Let us know your favourite spots in Corfu in the comments.

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