Things to do in Majorca Beyond the Beach

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We aren’t beach people and Majorca is not one of our typical destinations but recently we found ourselves there on a multi-generational holiday. To make the most of our time on the island we wanted to explore things to do in Majorca beyond the beach.

Port de Pollença Beach in Majorca

Mallorca is very much geared up for those seeking a beach holiday. However there are a few activities we found which we would recommend to those like us who just can’t lie on a beach for a week. Here are our top things to do in Majorca beyond the beach.

1. Sineu Market

The Sineu Market takes place in Sineu every Wednesday morning from around 8am until 2pm. Sineu is located in the centre of Majorca and the market there sells pretty much everything you can think of.

Sineu Market in Majorca Spain

How to get to Sineu

You can take public transport from most parts of the island but we would recommend that you rent a car. Renting a car for a day is inexpensive and will allow you to explore more of Majorca after you have finished exploring the Sineu Market.

Plan to arrive early which will make parking easy. As the morning progresses parking can become difficult as it is limited – but what parking there is is free of charge.


One of our favourite parts of Sineu Market was the range of food produce available. You can find a wide range of locally grown produce at the market as well as local baked goods. Since the place we were staying in had a kitchen we took the opportunity to buy some food to cook with later and it was delicious!


As well as a wide range of food produce Sineu Market has a lot of craft stalls selling everything from jewellery to kitchenware.

It’s worth walking around the market to see the different crafts available even if you’re not buying. The market definitely has a buzz about it and there’s a great atmosphere.

There are many cafes and restaurants near the market where you can rest your feet and people watch. Expect to spend a few hours in Sineu to explore the market and see a bit of the town. It was much larger than we expected and there aren’t many repetitive stalls so you are constantly seeing different things.

2. Tour the Caves of Drach

Majorca is very hot and if you’re like us you will welcome somewhere to escape the heat. The Caves of Drach are one of the more popular tourist attractions on the island – but that doesn’t mean you should write them off.

Getting to the Caves of Drach

You can join a tour from the town you’re staying in which will include transport or you can self drive to the Caves of Drach which are just outside of Porto Cristo. There is plenty of parking so driving yourself isn’t a problem, you could also take a taxi if you’re staying on the east coast of Majorca.

Tickets for the Caves

You can buy tickets for the Caves of Drach on their website for €15 per person. Or you can buy at the ticket office when you arrive then join the next available tour. If you’re visiting outside of the summer season I would recommend just buying your ticket when you arrive at the caves to leave your schedule open.

Inside the Caves of Drach

The tour inside of the Caves of Drach is semi-guided in that you go through the caves in a group but you aren’t guided by a tour guide. There are staff throughout the cave to keep the groups moving but you can walk through at your own pace.

The Caves of Drach are large, unless you are very claustrophobic you should be ok taking this tour. You will be in the caves for less than an hour including a musical performance in the last chamber you enter – which shows off the natural acoustics of the caves.

3. Drive the Cap de Formentor

The Cap de Formentor is at the northern most point of Majorca. It’s a picturesque peninsula that makes for a spectacular drive on winding roads with near constant views of the Mediterranean.

If you’re a keen cyclist you could choose to cycle the Cap de Formentor rather than drive. Do beware of the cars on the road however as it is narrow in parts and you may not be given the road space you need.

At the end of the Cap de Formentor you will find a large lighthouse and a cafe if you wanted to stop for a coffee while you take in the views. Parking is limited here though and even in the shoulder season we struggled to find parking. You could have a better chance of parking if you go earlier in the day.

Along the Cap de Formentor you will find many vista points where you can pull over to take in panoramic views. Some are easier to park at than others as space can be very limited.

If you are planning on driving the Cap de Formentor give yourself plenty of time and even consider driving the route twice if you want to be sure of getting to stop at some view points. The route is not very long so driving it twice would not take too long and the views are worth your time.

4. Boat Tours

Whenever we visit somewhere with a coast line a highlight for me is getting out on the water, Majorca is no exception. I would recommend taking a boat tour while you’re on the island to gain a different perspective of the area.

There are many boat tours to choose from, I would recommend a full day tour if you have time but the half day tours aren’t bad either. Often the boat tours have scheduled swimming stops which gives you the opportunity to swim in some of the quieter areas of the island which are only accessible by boat.

An alternative option to the boat trips if you are short on time is to hire a kayak from the beach. The water around Majorca is calm for the most part and you don’t need much experience to get out in a kayak. With a bit of practice close to shore you will soon gain confidence to head out a bit. This will give you a perspective of the island from the water but only take up an hour or so of your time rather than most of the day. It will also cost significantly less for those who are on a tight budget.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas of how to see Majorca beyond the beach. If you’re looking for more of a city break style holiday in Spain then make sure you check out our weekend in Barcelona travel guide.

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