Travel Goals – USA 2018

We’re headed to the USA for our honeymoon this year and we’ll be exploring for a full 6 weeks!

USA Map America Map

We love a good list (who doesn’t?) Inspired by several bucket list style posts we’ve seen recently we’ve put together our 42 things to do in 42 days in the USA. Do you think we’ll manage them all?

  1. Eat at a Diner, a Drive-in and a Dive
  2. Do a food challenge – Man v Food style
  3. Cycle across the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. See a wild bald eagle
  5. Ride an Amtrak train
  6. Listen to Zydeco played live
  7. Get 42 pictures of funny place/street names
  8. Taste Jack Daniels in Lynchburg TNJack Daniel's Whiskey
  9. Drink moonshine on the deck of a cabin in the woods
  10. Eat a Po-Boy from Parkway bakery & tavern
  11. Eat Beignets in New Orleans
  12. See a wild aligator
  13. See a broadway show
  14. Get a photo of the Statue of Liberty
  15. Do our food shop at Pike Place Market like a local
  16. See a wild turkey
  17. Eat New York style pizza in New York, by the slice
  18. Try at least 5 types of pie
  19. Try sweet tea in the Deep South
  20. Go on a Ghost Adventure
  21. Cruise on the mighty Mississippi
  22. Get enough stamps in a McMenamins passport to get at least 5 rewards
  23. See a mock western shoot-out
  24. See a wild moose
  25. Try 4 kinds of barbecue in different StatesBarbecue BBQ
  26. Watch a live rodeo
  27. Drink hurricanes at Pat O’Brians
  28. Watch Old Faithful erupt and one other gyser
  29. See a wild bear
  30. Take a picture at Leigh Lake in Grand Teton National Park
  31. Drive the North Cascades Highway
  32. Get 42 pictures of American flags in different places
  33. Date night at a drive-in movie theatre
  34. See a wild orca
  35. Watch the sun set behind the Grand Tetons
  36. Order a cupcake from an ATM
  37. Have a picnic
  38. Go white water rafting for the first time
  39. Go sea kayaking
  40. Complete the Bend Ale Trail
  41. Eat a cannoli from Carlo’s original bakery in Hoboken
  42. Try Tartine Bakery’s sour dough bread

Golden Gate Bridge at night


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